Health Check

Routine Health Check Up’s
There is no ‘U’ turn in life. In these times of high stress lifestyle, unlimited working hours and irregular food habits present new and unique challenges to one’s health. Much more than ever before, there is a great need for individuals to pro-actively look after their health.

We are in an era of “preventive” medicine. Prevention is not only better than cure; it is also cheaper and healthier. Thanks to the advances in the field of health care and technology, we have highly evolved preventive health care programs. Paripoorna offers comprehensive health management programs which cater to the complete needs of the new age. These programs help to monitor all key health indicators regularly to identify risk factors and early signs of ailments like heart disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure and certain cancers.

The different plans have been specially tailored keeping in view the varying healthcare needs of different individuals. The preventive health care plans are conducted with great care and personal attention by experienced medical staff at our centres. Specially designed executive lounges make your health care experience most comfortable. To accommodate your busy lifestyle, we offer you the facility of choosing an appointment that fits in to your schedule.

Health Check up Schemes
Annual complete health check up CBC, FBS,PLBS,LIPID Profile,Creatinine, ECG, Xray Chest, Medical & dental check up on every year 15 th August & 26 th January with Prior Registration one month before. The Facility last for 10 days according to convenience of people
Complete Blood check up CBC, FBS, PLBS, Cholesterol, SGPT, Creat, RUA
Complete Diabetic check up FBS,PLBS, HbA1C, Urine Microalbuminuria, ECG
Basic health check up CBC, FBS, PLBS, Cholesterol, SGPT, Creat, RUA, ECG,
Complete profile check up Lipid, Liver, Diabetic, Kidney & Thyroid profile, ECG
Charges available on enquiry In following check ups includes Profile check up in addition
Cancer check up PSA (For male),CEA,AFP, CA 19,9, Pap smear(For female)
Bone & joint check Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, RA, ANA, DNA. Anti CCP, PTH
Antenatal check up Viral markers like HIV, HCV, HbsAg
Preoperative check up Viral markers like HIV, HCV, HbsAg
Senior citizen check up Cancer+Joint+Heart
Heart check CPK, CPK MB, Homocysteine, CRP
Well women check up (Fertility) LH, FSH, Prolactin, DHEAS, Insulin Fasting, Progesterone, Testosterone, Estradiol, AMH.
Children check Same as general check.
Premarital check up for Male Standard health check, Semen analysis, Hb electrophoresis, Blood group
Premarital check up for Female Standard health check, AMH, Hb electrophoresis, Blood group

Note : These check ups can be customized according to the need of an individual.

Price quoted are subjected to changes without prior notice kindly confirm it before taking appointment.

Being charitable organisation, not taking donation from anyone & not offering commissions to anyone, we can afford to deliver quality medical service at reasonally low cost (almost 50-60% less than the any other similar private medical service).

Pre-Insurance health check & Empanelment.

As a matter of privilege, Paripoorna is empanelled with almost all insurance companies like LIC, Max life, HDFC, New India Assurance, ICICI, Reliance, etc. for pre-Insurance health check up of their clients. This Paripoorna plays important role in Life Insurance & medication of an individual.

Corporate Check Up

  • Pre-employment check up
  • Annual health check up
  • Pre-insurance check up
  • Wellness & lifestyle management check up
  • Counselling & interactive sessions

QUALITY HONES Happy, productive people have a positive effect on the working environment and are the biggest asset for any organization. However, increasingly sedentary lifestyles are making employees far more prone to stress and lifestyle diseases. This naturally affects productivity levels, causes absenteeism and also reduces talent retention capacity.

A 2010 study conducted by the ‘Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India’, suggested that smoking, alcoholism and drug abuse play a large role in workplace absenteeism. 2% of India’s corporate staff is engaged in ‘self-destructive lifestyles’ and 29% smoke, leading to frequent illnesses. On the whole, Indian corporations report absenteeism rates are as high as 20%, meaning one in five calls in sick for various reasons.

Fortunately, most lifestyle diseases can be prevented. Preventive healthcare can lower absenteeism and unproductiveness, consequently curtailing the loss of foregone output. Based on studies by ICRIER and Capital Line, it is estimated thatpreventative healthcare would cost a company approximately 0.28% of its total income every year, while lifestyle diseases cost a company an approximate 3.83% of its total income. Thus, if absenteeism can be reduced even by 10%, the return on preventive healthcare expenditure would be positive.

Discover the potential of your Organization
The Holistic Wellness Program partners your organization in motivating employees to improve their health, reducing their risk to lifestyle diseases. The preventive health management program will help improve productivity, the company’s profitability and talent retention capacity, along with other soft benefits. By encouraging health at work, you are letting the health work for you.

Holistic Wellness Program Components

  • Health Check Up Camp
  • Dental Check Ups
  • Visual Check Ups
  • Pathology
  • Physical Examination

Routine Health Check Up (Once a year)
This will be a routine check-up customized for your esteemed organization, which will give you an accurate picture of your organizational health & help you plot your progress thereon.

Consultation / Doctor and Dietician
Consultation with Doctor: The presence of a doctor within the premises will help employees raise pressing health concerns on time. It will also aid in ensuring that high-risk employees are mentored on a weekly basis by transforming their harmful habits into a healthy lifestyle.

Consultation with Nutritionist: The nutritionist does not necessarily put everybody on a crash diet but instead outlines a plan in which an employee alters his / her intake of necessary nutrients and avoidable foodstuff.

Fitness Activities
A company-wide survey will attract votes on the fitness activities that employees wanted to start for themselves within or outside the company premises. The following can be held on a daily or monthly basis depending on the nature of the activity.

  • Yoga sessions
  • CPR camp
  • Physiotherapy camps for pain management
  • Group activities which would help them keep fit and rejuvenated. E.g. kickboxing, aerobics, etc.

Wellness Talks
We will invite motivational speakers and health professionals to educate and inspire your employees into making healthy choices as a way of life through seminars & interactive workshops. The topics would cover a spectrum of issues & concerns in healthcare.

Why INVEST In Employee Wellness?

  • Health risks are an impending cost to the company
  • Loss of man-hours but also Costs arising out of medical treatment for employees
  • Absenteeism & productivity are tied to health problems
  • Health problems lower productivity which lead to increase in absenteeism
  • Easier and cheaper to keep healthy people healthy
  • Prevention is less expensive than the treating ailments
  • Save financial resources and employees from physical and psychological stress
  • Even small improvement in fitness levels can produce results
  • Better fitness levels affect productivity and performance positively

Risk cover protection facility
In view of the possibility of risks involved in our job profile & the responsibilities undertaken, we are to provide the facility of insurance policy on request to the needy with provision of services behind. This involves life insurance & mediclaim as well.

Paripoorna speciality “ Partners in employee wellness ”
We have already empanelled with corporations such as Dyandeep cooperative credit bank, Inox, Aramarks and conduct annual health check-ups for their employees.

Started in 2000, today we are a diagnostics lab with a forte in pathology, radiology and diagnostic cardiology. Our advanced technology enables accurate and quality results in specialized laboratory testing, imaging investigations and diagnostic facilities.

Our services are evidence based, protocol driven and adhere to international best practices guidelines.