PATHOLOGY :Routine & special blood tests for common diseases
Routine Biochemistry Endocrinology
Hematology Clinical Pathology
Microbiology Immunology
Serology Histopathology
Cytology Tumor markers
LIST OF PROFILES : Preventive & predictive tests for common diseases
Total Body Profile Fever Profile
Liver Function Tests Prenatal Profile
Kidney Function Tests Anaemia Profile
Obesity Profile Coagulation Profile
Cancer profile Arthritis Profile
SPECIAL PROFILES : Targeting disease accurately
Heart Diabetes
Obesity Arthritis
RADIOLOGY : Imaging provision for making disease diagnosis
X-Rays Ultrasound
CARDIOLOGY : Predictive test for heart performance
ECG Stress Test/TMT
SPIROMETRY : Diagnostic test for function of lungs
DENTAL : Constructive & corrective treatment for all
Extraction Dentures
Fillings Dental X ray
Root canal treatment Smile designing
SPECIALITY CONSULTATIONS : Medical advise into speciality
Skin ENT
Medicine Orthopedics
PHYSIOTHERAPY : Rehabilitation treatment for sufferings
Cervical & back exercises USG treatment
SWD & Tractions Mannual exercises
Wax bath & IFT
HEALTH CHECKS : Preventive step towards early disease diagnosis
Basics Special
Profile health check Heart check
Well woman check Well baby check
HEALTH CARDS : Regulating health care over a year
Diabetic Advantage card For all diabetics serving their health needs
Health Benefit card For all adults above 40 yrs
Family care card For minimum 4 members
PARAMEDICAL EDUCATION : Offering technical education with experience
Lab technician (CMLT/DMLT) ECG Technician
X ray technician Dental assistants
DISEASE COUNSELLING : Offering medical guidance for all.
Tuberculosis Diabetes
Kidney failure Hypertension
Random & urgent testing
Monthly or trimonthly surveillance schemes